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Who We Are

We are community members organizing to change the name of Edmund Boulevard. We believe that Edmund Walton’s pivotal role in promoting the racial segregation of this city should bar him from the public honor of an official placename. As of February 2024, we are a small group of white people who are conscious of the harmful effects of segregation in our lives. We began the work because we feel responsible to initiate this change, but we welcome the full participation of people of color in this group.

We are organizing on behalf of the public at large, and out of respect for the countless people of color who have been harmed by racial segregation and housing discrimination in the Twin Cities area for over a century. We acknowledge that Edmund Boulevard and racially restrictive covenants followed the forced dispossession of the Dakota people, whose ancestral homelands we now occupy.

You can learn more about us through media pieces on this work, or by reaching out to us directly.

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