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5 Things You Can Do

1. Research your own home's deed.

The Mapping Prejudice Project continues to document and map properties in the Twin Cities with racially-restrictive covenants. Using the mapping tool on their website, or through Just Deeds, explore homes and neighborhood with existing covenants. Currently, Just Deeds supports the residents of 26 cities in discharging covenants on their properties.

3620 Covenant
2. Connect with neighbors.

While updating the names of our places and institutions is one step toward acknowledging our racist past, we believe that the connections and conversations that we have with our neighbors is our most impactful tool for effecting change.

3. Talk to elected officials.
city council

Share your story with your elected officials and ask them to support equitable housing initiatives. If you live in Minneapolis, reach out to your City Council Member to let them know you support a name change for Edmund Boulevard.

4. Donate to a land trust.

Donating to a land trust is truly putting your money where your mouth is. Your donation will help to preserve affordable housing and help address the continuing inequities in housing.

equal housing
5. Connect with us.

We are working to expand awareness about Edmund Boulevard and the stain that he has left on the Longfellow neighborhood. If you agree it is time for a change, reach out. We would love to have you!

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